LUMC Stained Glass Embroidery

After many Sundays of looking at our beautiful stained glass in the sanctuary, I was inspired to take on the challenge of re-creating it in embroidery. Starting with a photograph by Steve Eaton, the journey began. Over a 3-4 month period, digitizing and capturing the elements, 120,184 stitches, using 16 thread colors, the glass was transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork in stitches.

Framed Sanctuary Stained Glass
11 x 14 inches Framed
$130 (includes tax)
$25 will go to LUMC

lumc center pane

Taking Orders for:
Center Pane Stained Glass, Joshua 24:15
6.5 x 14 inches Framed
66,776 stitches
14 thread colors

$78 (includes tax)
$15 will go to LUMC

I hope you find inspiration as I was inspired.
Thank you,
Rick Barber
Red Eagle Design LLC